Imagine we are your IT staff.

We maintain the expertise needed to manage your  systems.  We are located nearby in Berks County and we are just a short phone call away.   We can handle nearly all system administration and troubleshooting remotely, but we are close enough to easily meet face-to-face or tackle a tough problem on-site.


The biggest difference between IMS and a full-time, internal IT department is that with IMS you don’t pay for a full time IT staff—you pay only for the amount of IT services you need.




IMS Core Services:  Responsive IT help without full time costs




IMS is located in Berks County, heavily involved in Berks Chamber activities, and

Hiring a full time in-house IT expert is too much expense for nearly all small, growing businesses.  However, the alternative of downtime and constantly chasing technology fires can be a complete drain on productivity.  To be effective, businesses need their technology to run smoothly.



“Every time our network goes down, it makes me absolutely NUTS! 


I know the down time can’t be

good for my
bottom line. . . . . .



The Challenge:

. . . . I just want my systems
               to run smoothly!”



IMSSteve Wullert
& Associates

   Virtual IT Department for Growing Businesses                             610.736.0663    


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            Provide Core Network Management Expertise

            Our Goal: Work Proactively to Eliminate Costly Downtime


Few events kill business productivity as quickly as computer downtime, so no matter whether your organization wants to use cutting-edge applications, or just needs to use email to keep up with customers, reliable networks are almost certainly a high priority for your business. 


When it comes to managing networks, there is really no substitute for experience and training.  We employ great troubleshooters, and have access to all levels of networking support through our industry partnerships.


· Microsoft Network Administration

· Linux high security Firewalls

· Security and Continuous Monitoring

· Automatic Offsite Back-ups

· Remote Troubleshooting

· Secure Remote Access from Anywhere

· Email Management and Spam Filtering

· Virus Prevention and Protection



  What can your IMS virtual IT department do for your business?



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           Act as a convenient single source for managing technology.

           Our Goal:  Make IT work for your business approach






Want to test our commitment to quick personal response?

Give us a call: 610-736-0663


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Our role is to understand how technology fits with your business objectives — You call us, we handle the details.

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