One size does not fit all when it comes to pricing and need for different services.  We offer flexible choices to fit the way you do business.   A significant number of our engagements are time and materials based.  Customers call when something breaks or needs to be upgraded and we provide an estimate based on each project that arises. 


Increasingly though, we find that customers prefer to have a set monthly fee and more proactive maintenance to avoid downtime and budget surprises. Examples are included




IMS Pricing:  Flat monthly managed fee or “As-needed” (traditional hourly)




IMS is located in Berks County, heavily involved in Berks Chamber activities, and

You need more reliable IT systems and more reliable IT Budgets.  Is it possible to have both?

The Challenge:

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& Associates

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Work Stations

Full service preventive maintenance and user support for around $75 per workstation


Network Administration

Network Server, Windows, Firewall, and Email support starting at $199 per server


Technology Planning (Virtual CIO)

Senior business & technology resource at your service starting at $450 per month



  Monthly Flat Fee Pricing Samples

Flat Fee Pricing eliminates IT Support Budget Surprises AND reduces unexpected downtime


That is a win—WIN





         FREE IT Assessment

You may want a chance to get to know us before you hire us.  Likewise, systems vary widely and we need to know a bit about your systems before we jump into a project. 


We have found the best way to accomplish both is a free no-obligation IT Assessment. 


We come to your site with our checklist, look over your systems, and talk with you and key staff about what is going well, and what can be improved.  The whole thing takes less than 3 hours for most companies.


Regardless of whether you choose to use us or not, you get the value of our experience and some solid tips for managing your network.


To schedule an assessment, just give us a call at 610-736-0663.