The very nature of IT is evolving from a focus on hardware and wiring to a focus on solutions—offering growing companies new ways to operate.  IMS works hard to stay ahead of the curve so you can benefit from the most promising new technologies.

Often, we work in partnership with other providers to offer these services—our role is to provide sound advice, and make sure new solutions work smoothly with your existing systems.  For a free consultation on emerging solutions, call





IMS Emerging Solutions: 




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Sifting through the ever-growing list of new technologies to find promising opportunities takes time most business leaders don’t have.

The Challenge:

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Document Management



It may be a while before offices are completely paperless, but already, electronic document management is beginning to change the way companies collect, store, use, and share information.  Contracts, invoices, and other important documents can be scanned, routed, and accessed from anywhere.





Remote Access and Wireless / Mobile Offices

Like many companies who complete their work “in the field”, we understand the value of staying connected to the office and effective wherever your teams roam.




Hosted Networks and Software as a Service (SaaS)

With high speed internet service widely available and increasingly reliable, companies are beginning to discover that they may not need or want to purchase (and maintain) their own local area networks and software.




“Are there new technology options

my business should be considering?”